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Appliance Repair San Diego Ocean Beach

Refrigerator is the most indispensable appliance for all kitchens as it stores and preserves our perishable groceries that cannot be purchased or cooked daily. We can eat more vegetables, fresh fruits, salads, meats and dairy products at any time without a need to raise animals or grow fruits and vegetables in our own garden. As your food budget permits, keep your refrigerator full but not so full that air can't circulate. The mass of cold items inside will help your refrigerator recover each time the door is opened. Here is a hint: If your refrigerator is nearly empty, store water-filled containers inside. Check door seals regularly to make sure they are airtight. To test them, close the door on a dollar bill and try to pull it out. If the dollar slides out easily, you are wasting energy and money. Larger bills are harder to come by, but work just as well. Unless it has untold sentimental value, get rid of that older, energy-hogging refrigerator. If you are thinking about purchasing a new refrigerator , check the annual energy cost on the Energy Guide label to find the most economical buy. But if your refrigerator is not cooling, you are more than welcome to call Good Appliance Repair Ocean Beach location at (858) 230-5350 and your appliance will be fixed before your family even notices it's been broken.

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