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glass top stove cleaning

3 Tips Prevent Appliance Hose Leaks and Water Damage

January 05, 2016

Hose leaks and burst pipes can spell big, costly trouble. It is important to check hoses and connections on your dishwasher, sink, washing machine, and ice maker in your fridge at least once a year. Water damage from failing pipes, plumbing fixtures, and appliance hoses cause over 50% of all property damage.Read More


glass top stove cleaning

What are Reliable Appliance? Do a Your homework

November 16, 2015

You’ll probably spend a lot of time considering color and style when choosing a new home appliance. My wife and I did. Just don’t forget to find out about reliability. Trust me ... it’s important.

My under-the-counter oven, an expensive model made by a high-end manufacturer, broke a few weeks ago. A minor soup spill damaged the circuit boards. The repairman says it could cost us as much as $800 to replace them. That’s just crazy! Read More


glass top stove cleaning

10 Tips to Help Your Dishwasher Run Better

July 08, 2015

Here are  10 tips to make your dishwasher run its best! Read More

glass top stove cleaning

How to Clean Your Glass-Top Stove Using Natural Ingredients.

June 15, 2015

Years ago, when we bought our first home, I had my heart set on buying a glass-top stove because I loved how they looked. This is clearly not a great reason to choose a major appliance and I obviously didn't do my homework, because what I didn't realize was that this type of stove is not easy to keep clean. Read More

Meet the New Smart Appliance.

June 3, 2015

Smart appliances are the way of the future. The newest component in the smart home technology craze, several manufacturers have now introduced their versions of refrigerators, ranges and ovens, and even washers and dryers that communicate with you, each other or your entire home. If you haven’t yet seen these next generation appliances, you’re going to be amazed and delighted at what they can do. Read More



Most people only think about their A/C unit when it breaks in the dog days of summer.

May ‎15, ‎2015

Cars get lots of love from their owners: fluid checks, washes, detailing, a rich diet of gasoline, cutting-edge stereos, back-up cameras and GPS. But consider another vital workhorse of modern life — your A/C unit.
Be proactive to avoid being that person with skyrocketing blood pressure, frantic for a technician who can fix your A/C on a roasting weekend. Keep your cool and find out why spring is the best time to schedule an A/C tune-up. Read More


What To Know When Buying a Washer and Dryer

May ‎30, ‎2015

What feature do you want most in a new home? A separate laundry room tops the list for Millennials—adults 34 or younger—according to the American Housing Survey. Fifty-five percent of survey respondents said they would pass on a house without one. It’s not that Millennials want it all. The survey found they want smaller homes, but with a laundry room please. Whether you’re house hunting or shopping for new laundry appliances, keep in mind that washers and dryers have changed in recent years in ways that relate to your space. Read More

Stainless Steel Sink


Make It Shine: How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Sink 

‎June 19, ‎2015

If your kitchen sink is a bit dingy, then make it look just like new with eco-friendly materials you already have in your kitchen. And there's no scrubbing involved with this quick clean that basically costs nothing to make. Safely buff your way to a fresh and sparkling basin that will stay that way for weeks. Read More


Save Money

10 Ways to Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills 

‎June 19, ‎2015

There is a summer time and hot as usual, which means your utility bill going to rise again. Here are a few tips how to reduce your energy bill in summer time. Read More


Kenmore Fridge

Kenmore 23.8 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator review 

‎August 06, ‎2015

Kenmore's largest top freezer fridge offers a tremendous amount of storage space, a slew of helpful features, and an impressive knack for holding consistent, accurate temperatures. Read More


Repairing Leaks on your Dryer Duct

 May ‎24, ‎2015

Symptoms are clearly obvious when there is something wrong with your dryer vent ducting. When you see this symptoms, you can’t delay the repairing of this duct because it will cause you more damages if you decide not to repair it now.
The symptoms that your dryer vent duct is already malfunctioning are when you notice it becoming noisy. You already know what a normal sound is so when you hear it producing a different sound, then expect that something is up with your dryer duct. Read More

How to Load the Dishwasher

‎June ‎10, ‎2015

The proper way to load a dishwasher is often the subject of spirited spousal debate. If you follow some basic ground rules for loading your dishwasher, your dishes will emerge cleaner;Loading Dishwasher however a few special circumstances warrant further exploration. Read on to learn some tips and tricks for maximizing your dishwasher’s cleaning power. Read More


How to Prevent Unnecessary Appliance Repairs

We depend on our appliances in order to keep our dishes clean, clothes dry, our food preserved and well-cooked. It is very upsetting if one of the main appliances in our home stops working efficiently and we are ought to call an expert to fix the problem. Here are a couple of things that you can do in order to avoid any unnecessary repairs.
1. Keep the condenser of your refrigerator clean. The condenser is what prevents the compres... Read More